This site brings together my creative and art work with a focus on photography. It also includes a small section detailing my non-art career including communication, editorial, and teaching work. I refer to the site as xyz.

Why xyz?

There’s something about xyz that is throwaway, a kind of et cetera. It’s off-the-cuff, something  you might add to the end of a sentence when you don’t want to give any additional information, or when you assume that whoever you’re speaking to knows what you mean.

Check your fly

While researching xyz I discovered that XYZ means eXamine Your Zipper. How polite. Australians would probably say something like “your fly’s down” or something lewd.


Aside from standard menus in the header and footer, you will soon be able to discover content using an A to Z just above the footer on every page. Simply click a letter to see what I’ve photographed, written about or to dive into sections such Lurker, Scattershot or Whereabouts.


xyz is a work in progress. It’s idiosyncratic and photographic, I also hope it’s informative. I’m designing it myself and learning as I go. I’m not a coder — nor designer for that matter — but I have a desire to show my work in a way that sits outside of the standard one-size-fits-all template model. The site is experimental, it will evolve and I plan to embrace (and fix) my mistakes. While xyz can be viewed on tablets and mobiles, I’ve optimised it computer monitors and laptop screens as I use image grids often, and for those it’s not so much about inidividual images but the grouping of typologies. And it’s best to see them en masse.


Is there an end?

You could argue that xyz suggests an end. One day it will end but while I’m breathing I plan to add to it and update it regularly. I hope you enjoy it.