Wunderwalls are one-off, site-specific photographic installations comprising hundreds, if not thousands, of carefully selected and placed images. Large in scale, they juxtapose the residue of daily life with the beauty of nature through personal observation.

That's just a nun with a bag of oranges

Exhibited in Turku at PERI Center for Photography, this Wunderwall comprised 1,254 images. It’s underlying theme was the environment, with many images depicting litter discarded on the streets without care.

Article in Turun Sanomat

Review of That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges in the Turun Sanomat, Turku’s local newspaper.

Installation view of a Wunderwall

There are too many things in the cupboard

One of three components of my doctorate research, There are too many things in the cupboard was, in the end, a comment on futility.

It charted the detritus of consumerism using data that costed editorial content in a typical mass-market fashion magazine.

It is the largest Wunderwall with 3,254 images stretching 26.5 metres wide and 4.5 metres tall. This image is a detail.

Grid of images from Wunderwall
Wunderwall poster

The giraffe travelled in a backpack (De giraffe reisde in een rugzak)

Photographed over a three-month period, this Wunderwall was created while on residency at Toos Neger in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. The work’s name came from a chance sighting out of the studio window. On an icy winter afternoon a large giraffe’s head glided past, a surreal sight on a grey day.

It was shown at SBK Gallery in Dordrecht where it soared to a height of 6.5 metres and comprised about 700 images. I outsourced the printing for the first time, and at the end of the exhibition all of the images were given away.

The bucket was on the move

Given the hurdles that hindered the installation of The bucket was on the move ā€” three-hour commutes, a box of images mistakenly discarded, the realisation halfway through that the grid was going up in reverse ā€” Iā€™m still amazed that it was actually completed, and on time.

This was the first Wunderwall and was exhibited as part of my artist in residence at the National Art School in Sydney. It comprised 1,392 images which I printed myself directly onto foamcore. On the last day of the exhibition, a Five or Free event took place that allowed people to select and take images home, sometimes for free.

The bucket was on the move