This Is Ikon

Ten+ years is a long time, and that’s how long my most recent stint as a roving editor with Ikon was. In this time I produced their blog Play, undertook photo research for SmartStone, and most recently worked on Bonnae Gokson’s sumptuous book Weddings, Butterflies and the Sweetest Dreams.

What I most enjoyed about editing Play was researching content, a process that uncovered a staggering amount of inventive, creative and exciting work by painters, designers, typographers, photographers and more. Themes emerged resulting in bundled posts that revealed trends in bubbles or fried eggs. The hard part was writing short and pithy posts.

Captivating content

Aside from trying to get to as many exhibitions as I possibly could, including this fantastic Alice Neal retrospective at Kunstmuseum in The Hague, the greatest challenge was preparing and scheduling posts in just a few hours each week. I sourced imagery and permissions, wrote posts and kept a keen eye out for future topics and tasty morsels. Play covered work that we admired, everything from astonishing large-scale drawings inspired by the marvel that is Antarctica to desirable ceramics using the latest technology.

To see what I wrote, visit Play and scroll down. Tap older at the bottom of the page to navigate back in time through my work.

Landing page for Tuna Tasan-Kok's website

Visual flow

Hong Kong-based cake designer Bonnae Gokson commissioned Ikon to art direct and design her award-winning coffee-table book Weddings Butterflies & the Sweetest Dreams.

Featuring contributions by fashion designer Vera Wang, and interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel, the book is a visual flow that waltzes the reader through cultural approaches to weddings, evocative locations, gorgeous gowns, and Bonnae’s cakes — themselves works of art and feats of engineering. The book won Silver in the Publication category at the Sydney Design Awards 2019.

I worked closely with This Is Ikon to source imagery, which saw me working with photographers, image archives, agencies and individuals around the globe to secure rights.