When it comes to culture, Amsterdam is one of the world’s hubs. The city is home to around 100+ museums and galleries, numerous nightclubs, world-renowned theatres and concert halls, myriad music venues, and hosts some 300+ festivals annually. Managed by amsterdam&partners, is the city’s go-to website for up-to-date information about visiting, working, living and doing business in the city.

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What's On!

Amsterdam hosts thousands of performances, exhibitions, concerts, and much more each year. There’s only one way to discover it all: What’s On. This extensive online resource on highlights shows, gigs, festivals, theatre et al complete with detailed information and pithy copy. Short listings, long-form articles, blog posts and in-depth features showcase the city’s vibrant cultural offerings.

My job was to curate and manage content for the English site ensuring that the most exciting events are promoted. I wrote, sourced high-quality imagery, developed good working relationships with institutions, and assigned tasks to writers.

Festival focus

Hundreds of festivals with even more events within them, this section always kept me on my toes. Whether covering Unseen Photo (pictured), Amsterdam Dance Event, myriad food festivals catering to every cuisine or IDFA, I strived to give a clear overview catering to as many target groups as I could to ensure inclusivity and diversity.

In 2019, the Netherlands celebrated Rembrandt’s life, and nowhere more in Amsterdam, the city the artist called home. Over the course of the year I researched and wrote posts and articles about each of the exhibitions charting his legacy and influence.

Unseen Photography Festival