media and culture with a focus on visual art and urban geography. I write, edit, design, photograph and build websites working in commercial and academic sectors. Clear communication — whether written, spoken or visual — is key.

Editing This Is Ikon’s blog Play kept me on my tootle-toes for almost ten years.

Digital marketing and hand-crafted and self-printed publication for the 2020-2021 expanded covid season of conversas chit-chats in Rotterdam.

Crafting captivating cultural, visual and WRITTEN content for I

Landing page for WHIG

Website for UCL-led property market research project undertaken in London, Amsterdam & Paris.

Tuna Taşan-Kok’s website showcases her international academic work including research projects attracting EU funding.

Sifting through thousands of user-generated images to present Amsterdam as seen through the EYES of locals and visitors alike.