David Wills


Design, photography & visuals

Image research, rights management, archive maintenance, graphic design and photography.

Websites & blogs

I design, build and maintain websites for artists, academics and research projects.

Writing & content

Content creation and production for print and online: strategy, articles and blog and social posts.

Eclectic and wide-ranging, my 25+ years of experience in academic, cultural, commercial and creative sectors has provided me with a rich range of skills. Writing, website building, staging of large-scale exhibitions and other projects and managing budgets are just some, but what links everything is an understanding that good communication — whether written, spoken or visual — is key.

English writer Ian Sanders* coined the term ‘slashie’ to describe can-do people who are agile, resilient and can adapt easily to changing situations. It’s a term that resonates with me and has allowed me to accomplish ambitious, wide-ranging projects, particularly with small teams striving to get large jobs done.

* I think it was in the book Mash Up! co-written with David Sloly.


For just on ten years, I edited This Is Ikon’s blog Play. As their roving reporter, I got to discover inspiring creative work and write about design, art, architecture, music and so much more. Super enjoyable!