My background is in media and culture with a focus on visual art and urban geography. I write, edit, design, photograph and build websites working in commercial and academic sectors. Clear communication — whether written, spoken or visual — is key.


From editing This Is Ikon’s blog Play to managing photography permissions for publishing projects, this dynamic role kept me on my toes for almost ten years.

Image curation

APM Terminals operates around the world with many of their ports in stunning locations. Their Instagram channel brings them all into focus through evocative imagery.

Captivating cultural content

Amsterdam is rich in culture and writing about it online and in print was not only rewarding, but fun!

Landing page for WHIG

Project website

Coordinated by UCL, WHIG needed a website to showcase their research. With a small budget, I set about designing and building this site to give each city its own section.

Tuna Taşan-Kok

In preparation for her promotion, Tuna needed a website to showcase her academic work. I designed and built the site from scratch including an in-depth CV with sections for her research projects, many with EU funding.

I amsterdam's Instagram

Sifting through and selecting evocative photographs of Amsterdam is anyone’s dream job. It’s fair to say curating I amsterdam’s Instagram channel was sheer pleasure.