I design, build and maintain websites for clients, research projects, artists and academics. I work with WordPress and the DIVI builder to create professional and individual sites that present information clearly and logically. I also produce my own websites including this one.

What is Governed in Cities?

Coordinated by University College London, WHIG examined the relationships between contemporary investment flows into the housing markets of Amsterdam, London and Paris. I was commissioned to design, build and maintain their project website.

Tuna Tasan-Kok

Doctor, Professor Tuna Tasan-Kok required a website to support her application to become professor at the University of Amsterdam. After a brief from Tuna, I set about designing and building a website that showcased her academic achievements in spatial planning and urban geography including research projects.


Developed as a component of my PhD, Cultural Mulch, Turnstile was a database-driven website. In collaboration with a PHP/MySql coder, I developed a custom-made CMS for Turnstile. The site presented around 10,000 randomly generated images and text snippets to ensure every visit was different.

Content Management Systems

Aside from designing and building websites using WordPress with the DIVI builder, I also work with CMS. At I amsterdam, I worked with Sitecore and various other databases to ensure that site content was always up-to-date and accurate. I’ve also used Drupal.