28 Mar 2021

One of the world’s great walkable cities, Amsterdam oozes charm. For a photographer, there’s always something new to see. Individual, direct, sometimes rude, often fun, the city offers something for everyone. Think hidden hofjes — a sort of garden courtyard — or buzzy rooftop bars in the summer, dark and dingy underground clubs or quiet canals to stroll.

A van with The Nuthouse written on it


I’ve just started this website, and this page about Amsterdam is very much a work in progress. Come back to see what I’ve added or changed in a week or two.

Mannequin heads with Amsterdam tourist masks


A man & his parrot

On an unseasonably warm and sunny November day, a man walked in Rembrandtpark. Perched on his zimmer frame was a very large parrot.

Stilt walker

Bemused workers at a local pickle factory looked on as an already tall woman dressed in a bright blue suit passed by effortlessly atop stilts.

Summer attire

Wearing little else but a skimpy black g-string, a gentleman got to work painting his houseboat in the summer sun.


“Can my friend also pee here for one euro?” said a tourist to a toilet guard at a Thai restaurant.

“I wasn’t allowed to wear underwear for two months” ventured a young French man to a woman while riding his bike in Amsterdam Zuid.

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