David Wills



Residencies have provided me with the space to develop. Not just new projects, but personally helping me to shift my perspective and to challenge myself. Best of all, they provide new connections and fresh ways of seeing.

Installation view of a Wunderwall

That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges

Inspired by a residency at Fiskars Village AIR in Finland, and created at DCR in The Hague as part of my Satelliet residency, That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges was exhibited at Photographic Centre Peri in Turku. Comprising 1,254 images, this Wunderwall took aim at the residue of consumerism and its effect on our environment.

This month-long residency was fruitful delivering several works including a collaboration with printmaker Pete McLean. In just one month we created the Four Feet Tumblr, individual projects on the theme of Natural Characters and continued to develop our own work inspired by Fiskars and its surrounds. We also made a feeble attempt at learning Finnish!

Wunderwall poster

The giraffe travelled in a backpack

Photographed entirely in the Netherlands over a three-month period, this Wunderwall was created while on residency at Toos Neger in Dordrecht. The design was inspired by the iconic canal houses that the country is known for, and that were once the domain of wealthy merchants. There’s now debate about what the houses symbolise as much of the wealth generated can be connected to plundering and slavery.

Depending on the day

Over three months, I walked along every street in Chippendale as part of my residency at Fraser Street Studios in Sydney. My aim was to document photographically how the once industrial neighbourhood, that also served as a thoroughfare into the city, was gentrifying. This line drawing charts my entry and exit into the area.

Turnstile landing page


A component of my PhD, Cultural Mulch, Turnstile began in Paris while I was on residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Turnstile eventually included over 10,000 images, was archived by the National Library of Australia and the fabulous Things Magazine linked to it.

Midweek Social

At the end of my year-long artist-in-residence at the National Art School in Sydney, I staged the inaugural Midweek Social. Part performance, part installation, Midweek Social encouraged audience participation and social interaction. It’s second outing took place at Carriage Works in Sydney.