Whether in Australia, Finland, France or the Netherlands, the residency experience has always inspired new projects and work for me. The change of perspective encourages fresh thinking. New places shed light on different ways of working. And making new connections is always a highlight.

A man shopping in Helsinki

Natural Characters

Natural Characters was created within four weeks while on residency at Fiskars Artist in Residence in Finland.

Line drawing of Sydney suburb Chippendale

Depending on the day

For three months while in residence at Fraser Street Studios in Sydney, I traversed the suburb of Chippendale on foot creating this line drawing at the end of each day charting my entry and exit into the area. The final work included photographs made on the walks.

Midweek Social at NAS

Midweek Social

I staged the inaugural Midweek Social at the end of my residency at the National Art School in Sydney. Part performance, part installation, Midweek Social is all about audience participation and the residue of a good night out.


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As part of Four Feet, the project undertaken as part of the Fiskars AIR, I designed these plates to learn some useful Finnish words while on residency. The colours were chosen to represent the area in summer as they appeared in nature and in urban areas most commonly.

Installation view of a Wunderwall

That's just a nun with a bag of oranges

Created at DCR in The Hague as part of my Satelliet residency, That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges was exhibited in Turku. This Wunderwall comprised 1,200+ images with a focus on climate, consumerism and residue.

Turnstile landing page


A component of my PhD, Turnstile began in Paris while I was one residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts. Turnstile eventually included 10,000+ images and was archived by the National Library of Australia.

Wunderwall poster

The giraffe travelled in a backpack

Shot over a three-month period while on residency at Toos Neger in Dordrecht, all images in this Wunderwall were taken in the Netherlands. The form took inspiration from the country’s iconic canal houses.