David Wills



Whether images or objects, collecting often forms the foundation of the work I make. What’s more, the things I collect often have little, if any, real value or worth. Leftovers, detritus, the unloved, and other odds and ends draw my attention. On their own, they have little interest but when brought together they gain meaning. Prospector shines the light on collecting through my own projects, the collections of others, and through photographic typologies I’ve assembled.


These figurines were collected in op shops. Inspired by expensive Hummel originals and sold in $2 shops, these cheaply produced variants are stereotypes of bucolic characters far removed from contemporary society. To create these portraits, I was looking for figurines that had sat on shelves collecting dust.


Image gathering

For many years I’ve been collecting images from magazines. I create dossiers or make collages from the torn pages, the former providing information and background information for my art-making. This image is from Libidinal Cement.