ZigZag Courant

A collaboration with the team from Flaneur magazine, ZigZagCity, OMI and 15 hand-picked international contributors who answered a competitive call to take part. This two-day workshop with artists, designers, architects and writers uncovered Zuidplein responding to the experience with a single-issue newspaper shared with the local community.

Based in Gastronoom, a tropical-themed, neon-lit bar located underneath Zuidplein shopping centre adjacent to the bus station and overhead metro, the editorial team discussed, developed and produced an eight-page newspaper overnight as Gastronoom regulars popped-in for drinks and snacks curious about what was unfolding.

Our mission was to explore the immediate vicinity considering the location, the people who use it, visual traits and its mood in an effort to find stories, follow leads and gather imagery to create a portrait of the area. Some of us were able to pickup a disposable camera a week before to shoot with it and for the film to be processed and printed in time for the weekend.

Zuidplein is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands. It’s popular Rotterdam-zuid location is a little rundown and bounded by busy roads with pedestrian overpasses, the perfect perimeter to photograph from.