Tuna Taşan-Kok


The challenge to create an academic portfolio for a soon-to-be professor was one I relished.

Landing page for Tuna Tasan-Kok's website


Tuna Taşan-Kok commissioned me to design and build her a website in 2018 to showcase her international academic and professional achievements. At the time, the website was to assist Tuna in her bid to be appointed to the position of Professor, which was made official in May 2019 by the University of Amsterdam.

In 2020, the site was further developed to showcase four distinct strands of Tuna’s work: her CV; research projects; the UGoveRN research network; and a section dedicated to her teaching.


The project was built using WordPress and in addition to designing the site, I also photographed Tuna.


A professional website with sections and links to related projects. And a happy customer!


David has designed and implemented tailor-made websites for me, one for my academic profile and the other for a research project. They both presented great learning experiences with fantastic results. He made sure that he knew exactly what I had in mind right down to the smallest detail and kept on revising it until we both were happy with the website design. His professionalism, creativity and technical capacity is a unique combination!

TUNA TASAN-KOK, Professor, University of Amsterdam


Divercities, Parcour, WHIG