This Is Ikon’s blog Play is all about inspiration and promoting the work of artists, artisans, designers and anyone else creating amazing things. I edited Play for just over nine years starting in January 2010.

Clever content

Researching, writing, sourcing imagery, and scheduling posts about trends, typography, tasty morsels and much more was all in my day’s work. Play aimed to cover work that we admired, everything from astonishing large-scale drawings inspired by the marvel that is Antarctica to desirable ceramics using the latest technology.


The working week began with a snap, a recently taken shot from somewhere in the world visited by one of the team. If there’s one thing that Ikon’s team love, it’s how travel can connect you with other cultures and stimulate creativity.

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About a trend

For some posts, we went all out to bring together trends we were noticing into one link-rich post. From precariously-placed accommodations to the use of bubbles, and fried eggs as design icons to one of our favourite feathered friends, owls. Hoot hoot!

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Weddings, Butterflies & the Sweetest Dreams art-directed by This Is Ikon.