Natural Characters

The Fiskars Village Artist in Residency was a fruitful period with a lot of work created over four weeks. Natural Characters was one of those works. Created independently but part of a greater piece also called Natural Characters with Peter McLean, my part was drawn from the people I saw during those weeks in Fiskars and the surrounding towns and villages.

The resulting images are unique state prints utilising Chine-collé and drypoint, a method that Pete patiently taught me in the studio. Pete’s work interpreted natural characters differently with nearby nature his inspiration. We exhibited the work in grid form at the end of residency with our prints displayed in a kind of chequerboard.


Natural Characters, 2012
Drypoint and Chine-collé
20 x 20 cm each


The Press Gallery, Queanbeyan, February to April 2017
Articulate Art Prize (winner), Create 2308, Newcastle, 2013
Open Studio, Fiskars Village, June 2012

Natural Characters with Peter McLean

Installation view showing two different interpretations of Natural Characters.