David Wills


A performance artist in Fiskars

Natural Characters

Created over four weeks, Natural Characters is part of a collaborative work with Peter McLean. We both drew inspiration from our surroundings interpreting the idea of natural characters in different ways. The work was created during our month-long stay at the Fiskars Village Artist in Residence in the summer of 2012.

My work was interested in the local characters in Fiskars and the surrounding towns and villages that I encountered. Pete’s work interpreted natural characters differently with nearby nature his inspiration. We exhibited the work in grid form at the end of residency with our prints displayed in a kind of chequerboard.

The resulting images are unique state prints utilising Chine-collé and drypoint techniques, a method that Pete patiently taught me in the studio.

All prints are 20 x 20 cm each. They have been exhibited at The Press Gallery, 2017; Articulate Art Prize (winner), 2013; and at an Open Studio in Fiskars Village, 2012.

The following image shows how Peter’s and my works interact with each other.

Natural Characters with Peter McLean

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Four feet

Four feet

That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges

That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges