I amsterdam’s What’s On

I amsterdam’s city branding is so successful that there is no need to advertise the city as a tourist destination. I edited I amsterdam What’s On section for almost three years ensuring that visitors and locals alike knew where to go and what to see in a quick click.

Cultural content

Amsterdam is home to hundreds of museums and galleries, world-renowned theatres, concert halls and music venues. It hosts over 300 festivals annually attracting visitors in their droves.

My work was to showcase and promote everything, from the best to the quirkiest in art, pop and rock music, film, family activities, performance, theatre, classical music, clubbing, LGBTQ events and much more. While a challenge to keep on top of it all, it was also great fun.

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I amsterdam magazine

Published quarterly, I amsterdam Magazine highlights the best events, exhibitions and concerts taking place in the city and surrounding areas in a handy print format.

These seasonal issues begin with an in-depth feature and provide visitors with all the information they need to get the most out of their trip to Amsterdam.

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The start of the cultural season

The new cultural season launches in Amsterdam every autumn. Museums, theatre production companies and institutions reveal their programs for the coming 12 months. In this feature-length article, I rounded-up everything in the world of art, theatre, stage and music with tips and quotes from curators and directors.

Weekend Guide

It was all all about off-the-radar, even in lockdown, things to do in Amsterdam’s only Weekend Guide. Think pop-up events, the hottest up-and-coming bands, fringe theatre, alternative festivals and parties, or a rooftop party on the city’s outskirts.