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Celebrating all that this diverse city has to offer, I amsterdam’s Instagram aims to showcase the city’s centre, neighbourhoods, cultural institutions and surrounding area through this visually engaging channel for visitors and locals alike.

Rotterdam market


I amsterdam Instagram





Urban perspectives

Evocative images that capture both Amsterdam’s rich history and its contemporary charms are what makes this Instagram channel a winner. The feed is all about showcasing a fantastic array of images taken by professionals, keen photographers, snap happy tourists and anyone who has ever been won over by the city.

A small team, of which I’m a key part, curate the feed to cover not just the city’s beloved centre and UNESCO heritage listed canal ring, but also its diverse neighbourhoods and idyllic surrounding areas including Old Holland to the north, the vibrant south-east and even across to the wind-swept coastal regions beyond Haarlem.

In addition to images, we also create original stories, carousels, and video clips designed to inspire people to explore the city and discover all that it has to offer.  

Instagram Stories

Stories have become an integral part of Instagram. We use them to link back to content on Iamsterdam.com as a way to provide tips about what to see and do. Think everything from quirky museums, major events and how to get the most out of your weekend in the city.


At the beginning of 2019, we devised and put in place a new editorial strategy for I amsterdam’s Instagram feed. Instead of theming our posts daily we decided to increase our focus, slightly decrease the number of images we posted, increase stories and carousels and to include more video. It worked!


Follower increase

Followers at the end of 2020