Rotterdam market

Evocative imagery on I amsterdam's Insta

Celebrating all that Amsterdam has to offer, I amsterdam’s Instagram feed showcases this vibrant city. Selected images include the UNESCO World Heritage Listed canal ring, buzzy neighbourhoods, cultural institutions and the charming surrounding area. I curated this visually engaging channel for almost three years as part of my work for EdenFrost and their client amsterdam&partners.


Evocative images — like this stunner by Koen Smilde — that capture both Amsterdam’s rich history and its contemporary charms are what make this Instagram channel a winner. The feed is all about showcasing a fantastic array of images taken by professionals, keen photographers, snap-happy tourists and anyone who has ever had their heart stolen by the city and its unique disposition. The idyllic surrounding areas including Old Holland to the north, the vibrant south-east and even across to the wind-swept coastal regions beyond Haarlem were covered as well.

Amsterdam canals houses with bikes in foreground

Instagram Stories

Stories are an integral part of Instagram providing a clever way to promote content on I amsterdam’s website. I created stories to link to features, the Weekend Guide, to highlight major events and exhibitions, basically anything to help visitors get the most out of their trip to the city.

Grid of I amsterdam images on Instagram

New strategy

A new editorial strategy for I amsterdam’s Instagram feed was devised and put into action at the beginning of 2019. It provided more freedom, increased focus areas, and included stories, carousels and video. It worked! Engagement increased and followers grew by 103% in the first year.