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Funded by the European Union, Divercities was a major research project interested in how to create social cohesion, social mobility, and economic performance in today’s hyper-diversified cities

Undertaken in 14 countries by 17 partners, research centred on deprived neighbourhoods in 14 cities and looked at how immigration, socio-economic inequality, spatial segregation and a diversity of identities and lifestyles create challenges for urban policymakers and institutions. Working for lead partner Utrecht University, my role was to manage communication for the project.

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Communication covered the website, social media, newsletters, policy briefs, copyediting publications, report editing, design work, associated administrations, translations, international field trips, and coordinating the concluding conference.

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Taking place over three days, the conference featured keynote addresses, workshops, field trips and a mini Diversity Festival showcasing various initiatives from Rotterdam’s diverse south.

“David did a magnificent job in designing our Handbook for Governing Hyper-diverse Cities.

Gideon Bolt, Divercities Project Coordinator, Utrecht University.

The handbook was the final deliverable. It summarised key research findings and provided ideas on how to improve opportunities in deprived neighbourhoods.

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Governing Hyper-diverse Cities

Governing Hyper-diverse Cities

Governing Urban Diversity Conference

Governing Urban Diversity Conference