DIVERCITIES was a major EU-funded research project interested in how to create social cohesion, social mobility and economic performance in today’s hyper-diversified cities.

Rotterdam market


In-depth research was undertaken in 14 countries by 17 partners with Utrecht University the lead partner. Research centred on deprived neighbourhoods in 14 cities looking at how immigration, socio-economic inequalities, spatial segregation and a diversity of identities and lifestyles create challenges for urban policymakers and institutions. DIVERCITIES aimed to help them find solutions to these numerous and complex issues to help meet the needs of Europe’s increasingly diverse population.


My role was to produce and manage all aspects of communication for the project including:

  • edit policy briefs, reports and books
  • produce, design and edit print and online publications including newsletters and the Handbook for Governing Hyper-diverse Cities
  • build, design and maintain the website including the intranet accessed by partners and manage social media channels
  • attend International Consortium Meetings
  • Coordinate the Governing Urban Diversity Conference held in Rotterdam including a mini-diversity festival and production of a highlights video