On a slow Australian workday commute between Newcastle’s Civic and the university at Warabrook, I idly drew the intriguing characters I saw en route. Barely looking at the paper produced amusing results and quirky personalities. Within minutes our paths diverged but BLINK was born. So enchanted with the distraction I took to naming each unsuspecting muse and fabricating a life tale to suit.

My commutes have since gone global taking in 20+ countries and producing a whopping 1,200+ BLINKS from Antalya to Auckland, Sydney to Singapore and Tromsø to Taupo. Happily I’ve found routine trips to the supermarket also fruitful fodder for my follies. With a quick glance at the store assistant badge on exit I’ve spied another name for a future new friend.


Blink, 2011…
Individually numbered drawings in ink on card
14.85 x 10.5 cm each