Most of these B3s have been collected in Op shops. Someone, probably a grandmother, has invested many loving hours knitting them, and has derived pleasure from the act of giving. A child has heaped affection on them leaving traces of their childhood playtime. In an age of readily available mass-produced objects, I am interested in why these B3s were made. Was it simply a personal gesture imbued with love for a child? Or was it because the mass-produced item was too expensive? Or, was it the result of a pleasure-giving hobby? Regardless, each B3 is an individual. Placement of eyes and mouths, whether with intent or in error, hint at their character. Each has its own history.

B3, 2003
33 type-c photographs
49 x 60 cm each

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Foto/Space, Newcastle, 2013
Canberra Grammar School Gallery, 2005
Kodak Autumn Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2005
Hatched 2004, Perth Institute for Contemporary Art
ANU School of Art


Too Cool for School, Ted Snell, Review (The Australian), 5-6 June 2004
Featured artist, National Association for the Visual Arts website, 2004
Hatched 04 – Enjoyably Diverse, Felena Alach, Creative Spaces, Shout, June-July 2004
Schooled in Modern Art, The Sunday Times Magazine, 23 May 2004
Come Out of Your Shell, The West Australian, June 2004
130, Philipa Kelly, Artlink, March 2004
Artists of the Future, John Stockdill, Muse, December/January 2004
A Different Kind of Pyjama Party, Ron Cerabona, The Canberra Times, 11 December 2003
SCAN, RealTime, October/November 2003