APM Terminals’ Instagram

APM Terminals operates around the world with many of their ports located in stunning locations. Their Instagram channel brings them all into focus.

Rotterdam market


Instagram channel


APM Terminals



Up, up & away

I started curating the APM Terminals Instagram channel in May 2020. I quickly set about increasing coverage of all their ports, from Russia to Africa, South America to Asia, and Europe to the Middle East.

Stunning images of Morocco’s coastline are juxtaposed with grittier images showing the daily rituals of working at a busy terminal, everything from loaded ships to rows and rows of stacked containers, and the unique machinery in use. Plus, the occasional bird’s-eye view direct from the driver’s seat of a towering crane.

Casting a wider net

In addition to using APM’s archive, I’ve also reached out to other Instagrammers to repost some of their striking images. This approach has engaged APM’s followers and has seen a record number of likes on some posts. Additionally, I’ve highlighted the work of artists, photographers, and architects who have repurposed shipping containers to startling effect.

Images from top: @brendanbarryphoto; @whitaker_studio; and @michaeljohansson


The new strategy has seen a significant increase in engagement. In just six months the number of likes has risen, with many posts breaking former records.


Follower increase

Followers at the end of 2020