David Wills


APM Terminals instagram

Operating in stunning locations around the world provides engrossing content and beautiful images for APM Terminal’s vibrant Instagram channel.

Juxtaposing Morocco’s stunning coastline with grittier images showing the daily rituals of working at a busy terminal across the globe hit a sweet spot with APM’s audience.

Punctuating the feed with repurposed containers.


increase in engagement

To ensure diversity, I devised a strategy to cover of all of APM’s ports, from Russia to Africa, South America to Asia, and Europe to the Middle East adding concise yet informative captions. This selection of images shows the daily rituals of port life.

While APM shunts its containers across the globe, artists have other ideas on how to make use of them. Images: stacked installation by @michaeljohansson’s; portable darkroom and gallery by @brendanbarryphoto’s; and Joshua Tree House by @whitaker_studio.

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I amsterdam instagram