APM Terminals

APM Terminals operates around the world with many of their ports located in stunning locations. Their Instagram channel brings them all into focus through evocative imagery.

Instagram grid from APM Terminals

Sail away

My strategy for APM’s Instagram feed was to increase coverage of all their ports, from Russia to Africa, South America to Asia, and Europe to the Middle East. Juxtaposing stunning images of Morocco’s coastline are with grittier images showing the daily rituals of working at a busy terminal hit a sweet spot with their audience. In just six months, the channel recorded a 30% increase of followers. Concise yet informative captions provided added detail.

Man walking into shop in Praga in Warsaw


To broaden the scope of the channel, I introduced images that showed how artists and architects were repurposing containers. Images: @whitaker_studio (above);  @michaeljohansson; and @brendanbarryphoto (below).

Cranes and containers at APM Terminals


Images showing the daily rituals of working at a busy terminal, everything from loading ships to rows and rows of stacked containers,  through to unique machinery and bird’s-eye views direct from the driver’s seat of a towering crane engaged APM’s audience.

APM Terminals is a client of EdenFrost.