David Wills


Fleeting impressions with lasting impact, photographic portraits have many roles. Whether as straightforward identification or painting a more nuanced picture, their charm and ability to tell stories is currency.

Puddled State

A self-portrait selected for the National Photography Portrait Prize 2009
 and published in Photofile #87.

Puddled State


33 portraits of collected hand-knitted interpretations of the much Bananas in Pyjamas characters from the Australian TV series for kids.

Question Why

This series of about 48 portraits responded to reactive government policy post 9/11. It was inspired by a peaceful protest against mandatory detention for asylum seekers.

Black and white portrait of a male

Question Why


Mass-produced, cheaply-made, dust-covered. These figurines appear to have lain dormant for some time before being turfed out and ending up on the shelves of a charity shop.


An ongoing series of magazine covers. Originally interested in privacy and the ubiquity of surveillance, the covers are also a document of style in the 21st century.