David Wills



I use photography to gather information, to build data sets and to attempt to understand our society. Predominantly digital and verging on obsessive, my eye is focused on the granular; the barely discernible residue of human consumption and existence.

Now I’m Here

Responding to the at Rotterdam Photo 2023 Freedom Redefined theme, Now I’m Here marked a return to exhibiting. Along with 60 or so other exhibitors, I used the shipping container as an open studio over four days adding and changing the exhibition daily.

My formative years, visually speaking, were in that short-lived time when punk, disco, rock and the new romantics thrived side-by-side. It was anything goes and music videos were coming into their own. Patiently waiting for magazines to arrive from England with their outrageous images, I began making collages, the starting point of my interest in photography.


Over a two-year period, I collected about 70 of these hand-knitted, unofficial Bananas in Pyjamas stuffed toys in charity shops. B1 and B2 are much-loved Australian children’s TV characters, and a protected brand owned by the national broadcaster. I was interested in the production of these toys, editing my selection to 33 portraits of individual characters that I called B3.