My interest in photography should be credited to my mother. Her keen eye captured peculiar family moments with wry humour. As I grew up magazines would become my passion, which had never waned, and provided fodder for collage. I eventually got into art school, and went through to attain my PhD at the Australian National University. Read on to learn more about my interest in the medium and how I use it.

Now I'm Here at Rotterdam Photo 2023

Responding to the Freedom Redefined theme, Now I’m Here marked a return to exhibiting. Along with 60 or so other exhibitors, I used the shipping container as an open studio over four days adding and changing the exhibition daily. Images and rubbish would come and go, which sometimes confounded viewers. 

Visual culture

Inspired by punk, disco and the 1980swith it’s vivid pop video culture, my fascination with photography started collage and its cut and paste aesthetic.


Capturing Australia's most-loved childrens' TV characters

Creating and managing content for I amsterdam’s English language What’s On (in print and online) kept me on my toes —  you wouldn’t believe how much there is to do in Amsterdam! It was definitely a career highlight and a pleasure to be involved on such an iconic brand. I also curated their Instagram writing pithy captions capturing Amsterdam’s charms.

Lurker covers featuring double denim


residue, granular
•daily life•

personal interactions under neoliberalismistic behaviours.

B3 27 by David Wills
ZigZag Courant
Saved things
Now I’m here
That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges
De giraffe reisde in een rugzak
Four feet
Puddled State
There are too many things in the cupboard
The bucket was on the move