Astroturf out to dry on a balcony in Amsterdam


THEME: NUISANCEArtificial, fake or synthetic lawns are often grouped under the catch-all term astroturf, not to be confused with AstroTurf the brand. Artificial grass is a problematic product: it often hinders natural water flow and rainfall absorption, plus it's...


Apple says that "no system is proof against pilfering if people are determined enough."




What is this? Where am I? Is Oblivia a state of being?

Good questions. People often say “Great question. Great question.” when the question posed is not.

Spell thirteen with seven

Departments come and go
Departments move around
Departments that neither go nor stay
Endless de-part-mentes et par li

Very little makes sense.


What is being harnessed and what is not? What could change?

— rule-breaking
— sheer stupidity
— people departing
— disrespectfulness


Apple’s d(D)ictionary says that “no system is proof against pilfering if people are determined enough.” When it comes to the hoarding of wealth, resolve is rarely lacking. And the price is paid is not by those with uncurbed power and holdings but by us: those (barely) getting, nature, animals and the many struggling to survive whose lives have been shaped by the selfish, arrogant, ignorant.

Conscious in an unwoke world

Press pause

The world has run amok. Seas of plastic, billions of people, burning trees, unworthy politicians, animals as commodities, pollution from fetid mouths and smoke stacks, exhaust. Pavements littered with cigarette butts. Billionaires.

Expect disappointment

A new era has dawned. I am uncertain when it began; when I first noticed that something was quite different in the air. A mood swing, a jaunty step. A lie. Is expect disappointment a mantra or a way to method to keep moving so that when success comes or strikes the joy will be so much more.

Social nuisance

What did Rockefeller cost society? Was is it in balance? Who are his contemporaries? And who are the hangers-on? So tell me, with all that information you have on us all, who are the followers?

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struggles & campaigns

None of it is real

Never gets there