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Oblivia cover with red lips

Freedom Redefined

The theme for Rotterdam Photo Festival’s 2023 edition is Freedom Redefined. Learn more about Oblivia, the new work I’ll be exhibiting as part of the festival.

Watching flowers die

Water won't save them. They're in a strange space, a weird place. Cut from their source of nourishment, stems draw sustenance from the fluid they're standing in, for now. That will dry up or stop supplying what they need. They'll dry, droop, drop, fade. Biodegradable....

Bin across the road

No matter what lockdown — hard, soft, intelligent or whatever — it was, I photographed the bin across the road as part of my WFH routine.

Just like in the movies

The thud of 12″ singles landing on a just cracked mirror, faceless and four floors down now.


A collaboration with the team from Flaneur magazine, ZigZagCity, OMI and 15 hand-picked international contributors who answered a competitive call to take part.