David Wills



With time to fill on a regular workday commute, I began drawing the intriguing characters I saw en route. The result is Blink, an ongoing series of quick drawings of fascinating folk teamed with tall tales.

I barely look at the paper as I sketch (ok, I sometimes peek) and it’s usually all over in under a minute, often with amusing results. I take note of characteristics — the way they wear their hair or how they combine fashion — situations and locations, which I use to craft short stories about the interaction.

My commutes have since gone global taking in 20+ countries and producing a whopping 1,200+ Blink drawings from Antalya to Auckland, Sydney to Singapore and Tromsø to Taupo.

I’ve always got an Artliner at hand and paper at the ready as I gadabout in search of new people to draw. I get a real buzz out of making my Blink drawings, I hope you enjoy them too.

Curious about their names? Happily, I’ve found routine trips to the supermarket to be fruitful fodder for my follies. With a quick glance at the store assistant badge on exit I’ve spied another name for a future new friend.