Torn eyes

I’m a heady collision of art, education, communication & PHOTOGRAPHy. I create large-scale installations, websites and printed items with a focus on archives, collecting, drawing and writing.

Drawing of Paavo from Turku

In a Blink

Quickly drawn, notes taken, observations made. That’s the making of a Blink. Back home a tall tale is crafted, a character is immortalised.

Spreads from Bonnae Gokson’s sumptuous book, Weddings, Butterflies & the Sweetest Dreams. Art direction by This Is Ikon.

Spreads from I amsterdam Magazine, a project that included coordination of editorial content with a cultural focus for print and online.

Quite large in scale, Wunderwalls comprise thousands of carefully chosen images linked by theme. Viewers  saunter from one image to another by colour, shape or topic uncovering the detritus of human inhabitance as they go.

Installation view of a Wunderwall

Installation view of That’s just a nun with a bag of oranges exhibited at PERI Photographic Centre in Turku, Finland.