In short, I’m an artist who writes. I work in communication producing content that captivates online and in print.

I’m also a photographer who stages large-scale exhibitions, draws, makes collages and creates installations. I have a PhD, am curious and have worked on some fantastic projects. Scroll on to discover some of them.

Now I'm here

Installed in a shipping container as part of Rotterdam Photo 2023, Now I’m here included over 100 images, 15 short personal stories and an assortment of rubbish. The work responded to the festivals’s theme: Freedom Redefined, and it was my first exhibition in eight years.

This Is Ikon, a Sydney design studio punching above its weight

Working with this formidable design studio for more than 20 years has been a pleasure. Two of my favourite projects are editing their blog Play for almost ten years, and coordinating image rights for Bonnae Gokson’s sumptuous book about weddings.

Spreads from Bonnae Gokson's book

Captivating cultural content for an iconic Amsterdam brand

If you want to know what’s happening in this vibrant city, then is the place to visit. I edited and managed the What’s On section, which included writing about art and exhibition, music, LGBTQ and much more.

The beginning of something; possibly the end

Oblivia is a new personal work in progress. It’s a website that will combine writing and image to attempt to understand contemporary life.

Part documentation, part autobiography, I plan to write about what I don’t understand and illustrate it using images from my photographic archive.

I expect Oblivia to be confounding, eclectic, probably idiosyncratic. More information to follow.

Installation view of a Wunderwall


Site-specific, Wunderwalls are one-off, large-scale photographic installations comprising hundreds, if not thousands, of images.

Spreads from Bonnae Gokson's book

Fast blind sketches coupled with tall tales

This ongoing series of drawings is simple. In under a minute I sketch someone who has taken my interest on a train or in a café, make some notes about the situation and continue on my way. Back in the studio, I craft a short story to create these A6 cards.

To date I have some 1,300 drawings, and recently produced four letterpress cards available to purchase.


From concept to content, Turnstile was a massive database-driven website that formed part of my PhD.


It’s hard to believe, but it has been 20 years since B3 came into being. I’m still proud of this work and they — all 33 of them — still bring a smile to my face.